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Increase Your Living Space with Roll Up Porch Shades

Roll up porch shades are designed specifically to be used on your outdoor porch, deck, pergola, gazebo and actually anywhere on the exterior of your home. When searching for just the right roll up shade, be creative and look at shades and blinds that are also shown as exterior window and door covers.

These can be used for your porch as well. The idea is to look for products that are designed to brave the weather and not rip, mold or rot. If you find a bamboo, grass, or wood shade or blind that you love but it is made for indoors, you may be able to weatherproof it and use it outdoors.

Roll up shades work by rolling up and around a cylinder at the top of the shade instead of stacking at the top like accordion and roman style shades. Roll up shades and blinds are not to be confused with roller shades. Roller shades are typically made for use indoor, for room darkening.

There are many styles of roll up shades to choose from ranging from inexpensive bamboo and tropical grass shades to pricy motorized, heavy-duty wood, cloth, and vinyl styles. Factors to be considered when selecting your roll up porch shades or blinds are based on your site conditions like wind, sun, rain, ice, humidity, home & garden architecture; as well as your preferences like how cool you need to be on your porch and what kind of view you would like to maintain while still achieving a privacy screen, if privacy is a concern. You may be able to find shades ready to install, or you may need to order custom sizes.

Coolaroo select series of outdoor porch shades is extremely popular because of the reasonable price and the excellent quality of Coolaroo knitted fabric. Knitted cloth is better than woven claims Coolaroo because knit fabric won’t rip or tear like a woven fabric. Coolaroo shade fabrics provide high percentage of UV protection, as well as being mold and mildew resistant and easy to clean with a garden hose and soap.

Keep in mind that while the fabric is of the best quality, the construction quality of Coolaroo select series Top Roll Up Sun Shade may not be as great as other companies whose business is the actual manufacture of shades and blinds! Coolaroos come with limited warranties.

Vertical Blinds by ShadeRight are an example of a top quality product that costs a little more than Coolaroo manufactured shades, but will most like last longer. You really do get what you pay for most of the time. ShadeRight uses fabrics made by Para Tempotest (Italian) and Sunbrella, both known for their great quality.

ShadeRight uses aluminum parts in their outdoor roll-up shades which helps to keep them light, and offers hand cranks for smaller sizes, and motorized (including remote control!) cranks for larger shades. To deal with wind and weather, ShadeRight Vertical Blinds come with cords and hooks for securing shades to porch posts and a five year warranty!

Another choice in roll up porch shades comes from Sunsetter, a well known American awning company. It’s called the EasyShade and it claims to block sun, wind, and moisture (note it is not ‘rain’) as well as providing air flow and light to pass through. Just like the other fabrics. The shades roll up into a weather resistant compact storage housing made of rust free aluminum. EasyShades also come with a five year warranty.