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Porch Screen Doors - You've Got to Have One to Keep the Critters off Your Porch!

To complete your porch and keep unwanted creatures out, you need a good porch screen door. Or maybe you just to need to replace your current door. Depending on your preference, you can spend a little or a lot. They range from basic, ready-made models to those customized to your own liking. Materials vary for porch screen doors, and that, too, affects the price.

Your stance on the environment may influence your choice of material. Some people choose synthetics to protect the environment; however, synthetics take more resources to create than lumber does. Additionally, lumber is a renewable source. Nevertheless, synthetics are typically more cost effective for the consumer.

Synthetic Exterior Porch Doors

Here are some materials used:

Aluminum - It is low maintenance, but it will need painting eventually. It is corrosion resistant, lightweight and less expensive than wood.

Cellular PVC - This looks and feels like real wood, but it is easier to maintain and does not require frequent painting.

Fiberglass - This also has the look and feel of genuine wood. It can withstand extreme climate without any problem.

Steel - It is less expensive and sturdier than most wood, and it will last a long time. It can withstand most climate extremes, but if it is exposed to constant humidity, it will need periodic attention. Be sure the one you buy has been treated to resist rust.

Vinyl -This durable plastic never needs painting because it will not lose its color, nor will it rot. It is energy efficient and handles extreme temperatures well.

Wood Exterior Screen Doors

Each wooden door has its own characteristics due to the knots and the grain. Porch screen doors can be as inexpensive as pine, or they can be more costly like mahogany. Other wood commonly used includes alder, cedar, cypress, fir, and redwood. Perhaps the best three are:

Cypress - Resists cupping, a term for warping, and checking, a term for cracking.

Redwood - Also resistant to warping and cracking, even in extreme climate.

Western Red Cedar - Less knotty than regular cedar, and it holds paint and stain well. It has a natural substance that makes it resistant to pests. This wood is popular for its natural beauty.

Screening Fabrics and Materials for Outside Doors

You will need to choose a material for the screen, too. Common choices are:

•    Aluminum. Sturdy and long lasting.
•    Bronze. Corrosion resistant, thus stands up to salty air near the coast.
•    Epoxy. This is coated steel, so it, too, is sturdy and long lasting.
•    Fiberglass. Requires very little maintenance and will last a long time. It doesn't corrode, stain or rot.
•    Galvanized Steel. It is more durable and stronger than aluminum and fiberglass.
•    Stainless Steel. Also good for coastal homes because it is resistant to corrosion.

Your next decision is in regard to style. Companies typically offer basic styles, but also have styles popular with people who want something more interesting including antique, country, French, oval and Victorian. Or you could go crazy and get a custom porch screen door made to your exact specs. You didn't know you had to make so many decisions just to buy a door, did you?!