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Why You Should Get Hung Up on Outdoor Curtains

Do you love your porch but feel that it just needs that something extra? Maybe you should consider adding some outdoor curtains. This kind of décor can provide the ambience you need to make you feel at home outside of your home. Picture the curtains gently moving about with the breeze to complement your lazy day feeling. Your porch could turn into the coziest place at your house.

In addition to the light, airy feeling they provide for your outdoor setting, outdoor drapes and curtains are convenient and less expensive than most porch blinds, screens and shades. You can easily pull them back or even take them down when you don't need them. Depending on the thickness, they can help to keep out some of the sunlight. You can use them to hide certain areas, or even create new, more private areas. And you don't have to limit them to your porch: Use your creativity and decorate your gazebo or pergola with them.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to outdoor curtains. You can choose from elegant sheers to a woven polyester grommet top panel. Your best bet is a knit fabric designed for the outdoors. This will allow some airflow to keep things much cooler behind the curtain. If you like the sheer look, opt for spun polyester or muslin, a loosely woven cotton fabric that is great for warm weather. For something more durable, consider ripstop nylon, which is the same fabricate that American flags are made of, or even fabric made from bamboo.

You don't have to buy curtains for the outdoors. Some people put them together from bed sheets and fabric shower curtains. If you like to sew, you can make them out of anything you like, and they can be as decorative as your imagination allows. You can make them in any style, too, such as country or contemporary. If you can, find some way to make them resistant to mildew and water.

Hanging them is easy enough. You can attach them to your porch with something as simple as Velcro; however, most people prefer to use stainless steel grommets, tension rods and tracks that allow you to quickly remove them when you don't need them. For longer expansion, you can use connectors to attach multiple tension rods together.

Another kind of outdoor curtain is the netting curtain for mosquitoes and small flies. It is akin to an umbrella net that looks similar to a see-through tent and is used in a backyard. The difference is that a covers a wide area of the porch, patio or gazebo, and is usually rectangular rather than round. It is also designed to be more like a curtain by having binding on all sides. It is an affordable, fast solution if you are not concerned about the elegance of nicer curtains and drapes in your outdoor living area.

You probably don't see outdoor curtains very often, but those who enjoy their garden and their outdoor living area could really benefit from applying this idea. The hominess it adds to the surroundings, the privacy, and the protection from the sun and UV rays all add it up to a worthy project. You may soon have the neighbors talking, and they will probably do so on your porch.