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Mylar Shades Keep You Cool and Incognito

Do you enjoy that wonderful window tinting in your automobile? It reduces bright and glare, affords some protection from the sun, and provides an element of privacy. Did you know that you could have that same kind of tint on the windows in your home? And thanks to Mylar shades, it doesn't have to be permanent.

Mylar is a brand name of boPET, which is made by other manufacturers as well. BoPET stands for biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate, but you probably already knew that. In short, it is a polyester film made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is a polyester resin. You probably knew that, too.

You may have heard some warnings about PET, but those potential risks are from containers that are used to store drinkable liquids, particularly over an extended period. That has not been 100% clarified, yet, and as long as you are not eating your Mylar sun shades, you will be fine.

In addition to not worrying about that risk, you reduce the risk of skin cancer from exposure to the sun. Mylar solar shades block up to 99% of the dangerous UV rays. This not only protects the skin, but it protects the eyes in the same way that a good pair of sunglasses would. While the eyes need to take in a little sunshine to process vitamin D, too much of that good thing can be harmful, and too much glare is a nuisance.

You will be able to enjoy the view from your window in comfort and safety. While an opaque window covering blocks the view, transparent Mylar shades allow you enjoy it even more because everything outdoors becomes so clear. Moreover, they protect your furniture and other things inside your home from the sun's rays as well, thus giving them a longer life and a better appearance.

Mylar shades also save you money. These energy saving shades can make a drastic difference on your light bill. In the summertime, Mylar can reflect almost 75% of the heat away from the window. In the cold weather, it can reflect up to 25% of the heat back into your home. Imagine the savings you would enjoy, and think about how you would be doing your part for energy conservation.

You can have an inside or an outside mount for your shades. There are manual and motorized shades. The manual type usually uses either a clutch roller or a spring roller, though longer, heavier ones may require a crank operator. Of course, the motorized are more convenient to use, especially on larger Mylar shades. If you don't want to see the rollers, you can hide them with an attractive fascia, which is a long, horizontal container that is mounted above the shade to store the roller.

You can use a radio remote control to manage an electric outdoor shade. Fancier motorized shades for outdoor use have sensors that can monitor the wind. They will roll up when it gets too windy. They can also monitor light, and they will roll up when it gets too dark. The light feature is available for interior shades as well. Those can also monitor the temperature in the home and can automatically adjust accordingly, and some of them have auto timer features.

Mylar shades are attractive and have benefits over a traditional shade. Your choice between those two or blinds and sunscreens depends on your needs and the look you want. Popular manufacturers include Kool Vu offered by North Solar Screen, Siesta Mylar in Horizon's Shades of Elegance collection, and Solar Screen. You can purchase all of those online, and you can do your own installation or hire a professional to do it for you. Once they are installed, you may be the coolest kid on the block.